Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

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This arbequina aroma is reminiscent of green banana with hints of green apple. The aromas follow through to the palate, recognizing the astringency of the green banana and even a slight nuttiness of green almond. The arbequina has a soft finish, but still a bit of pepper at the end. Perfect to finish delicate fish dishes. It works on all kind of salads and vinaigrettes and adds flavor without overpowering dressings or aioli. Perfect for for baking and desserts, including olive oil ice cream.

O-Med is a family owned company located in Acula, Andalusia, Spain. For generations the Garcia-Cassas family has harvested their own olive trees. In 2005 they purchased a mill in order to produce the highest quality premium olive oil possible by controlling all of the processes from the groves to milling. The olives are processed within 1.5 hours after the collecting. O-Med stores their oil in small tanks of no more than 5000 liters. These tanks are injected with nitrogen to help prevent oxidation. The O-Med brand is a limited production of just 10.000 liters or 20,000 bottles each of picual and arbequina varieties. Because olive oil quality begins to deteriorate with time, everything is bottled to order.

As farmers, sustainability is of foremost importance to O-Med where they have installed an incinerator which burns the olive pits, producing 40% of the energy needs at the mill.

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