Gift Wines - 6 on the Beach - December 2021

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To Jen, Love Brett


Champagne R.H. Coutier Brut Tradition Grand Cru NV

We both love bubbles — really good bubbles. I’ve loved selling R.H. Coutier for quite a while because I think the bang for the buck is phenomenal, especially when you’re going to drink more than one.

Grand cru pinot noir and chardonnay from Ambonnay with a long lees ageing translates to gorgeous apple dumpling notes with great finesse. This is a bottle that begs to be opened before noon to get the day of to a proper start.


Chateau du Trignon Cotes du Rhone Roussanne 2020

Jen found this during an online wine tasting class (a perk of the profession). I knew she loved it because it defies the normal white Rhône profile. It’s crisp and spritely yet savory at the same time.

The wine has notes of apricots, honey, and narcissus with a pastry and cream mouthfeel, both luscious and refreshing. I’d make her some scallops and butter braised leeks to pair with this.


De Grendel Merlot Durbanville 2017

This is a wine to make anyone fall in love with wine, and a wine to always be comfortable around. It’s like your best friend who’s there to listen at the end of the day.

Merlot doesn’t get the credit it deserves. There’s no showboating or complication with it. It is always ready, willing, and able, like a spouse who says, “Yeah, I’m with you. Let’s move to the beach and start a business.”


To Brett, Love Jen


Eva Fricke Riesling Rheingau 2019

When Brett and I first dated, a family friend called Brett "elegant".  I'll never forget that, and it's become a source of laughter between us. 

This wine is, no joke, elegant!  I heard a symphony when I tasted it - definitely not your grandmama's riesling.  This wine is juicy and fresh with plenty of orchard fruits shining through.  Pairs well with Christmas morning quiche and footy pajamas.  


Terzetto Barolo 2017

100% Nebbiolo: "the grape of Kings and the King of grapes" aka one of Brett's favorite varieties. It’s not easy to grow great Nebbiolo, but when it’s done well, well…

This one is superb - full bodied and ready to drink with aromas of violets, flavors of red berries, all wrapped up in a package of spicy leather.  Pairs well with mushroom polenta and Friday night pizza.


Shelton Vineyards Port 2014

Port?!?  From NC?  Say it isn't so.  Kinda what I thought when a PA gal like me met a NC boy like Brett.  The rest, as they say, is history! 

This port is made from mostly Cabernet Franc grapes (the daddy of Cab Sauv), fortified, and aged for 30 months in bourbon barrels.  The result is a rich port full of dark cherry and chocolate flavors.  Pairs well with blue cheese and worn in loafers.

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