Roses for May - 6 On The Beach - May 2021

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Rosés for May

Rosés are here to stay, thank goodness.
There are quite a few ways to get to the beautiful hues we see on the shelf. This selection celebrates different methods of all things pink.

Champagne Dumangin J. Fils Le Rosé Brut 1er Cru NV
Sparkling wines are one of the few European wines styles allowed to blend finished white and red wine to create a rosé wine. Gilles Dumagnin makes the sparkling wine from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. He blends in still Pinot Meunier for color.
This wine clocks in as an extra brut at 4 g/l dosage. While very dry, the wine drinks easily with high-toned notes of cotton candy, orange baby aspirin, and strawberries. This wine needs little with it other than a glass. Pair it with ceviche with orange for a light dinner.

Domaine de Reuilly Pinot Gris Rosé 2019
Normally Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio) is immediately pressed for juice and vinified as a white. Sometimes there is color transfer from the grey (gris) grapes and the wines pick up a light hue. This is called ramato (copper) in Italian.
2019’s drought and heat waves manifested as a darker than normal bottling since the grapes yielded 50% less juice. The wine is riper than normal with notes of kiwi and apricot. Slurp with oysters!

Patrick Lambert Chinon Rosé 2019
Making a red and want to deepen the color? Bleed off (saignée) some juice early in the winemaking process and make a rosé. Voila, two wines from one vat. Wine/wine! (Please forgive me.) In general, saignée rosés have more intense color profiles.
Patrick Lambert is one of our favorite producers from Chinon because he coaxes so much ripeness from Cabernet Franc. Currants, strawberries, raspberries, and stone notes beg for a charcuterie board or burgers from the grill.

Château des Annibals Cuvée des Annibals Var 2020
Intentional rosés are made from red grapes that are picked early to maintain acidity and ferment to lower alcohol levels. The juice is left with it’s skins for a bit of time to extract a light pink color. This soak can range from a few minute up to a day and a half.
Chateau des Annibals is the oldest wine estate in Provence, France’s most important rosé producing region. This blend of 70% Cinsault with Grenache and Syrah also includes the white grapes Rolle and Ugni Blanc. Super bright and mineral. Think scampi.

Domaine du Salvard Cheverny Rosé 2019
This intentional rosé is made from half free run and half press juices. The free run brings bright acidity and freshness, the pressed juice, body and backbone. A year in bottle has added roundness to the wine. This is a personal favorite rosé e.v.e.r.y. year.
The Pinot Noir and Gamay blend is balanced between fruit, acidity, and weight. If there is a textbook rosé this may be it. Simple and complex all at once. Try grocery store roasted or fried chicken with a green salad and sliced tomatoes with this sipper.

Ponte Vinho Verde 2020
This Portuguese in the group merits its place since it was our best selling rosé in 2019. This summer in a bottle is slightly fizzy, pretty, light in alcohol, and inexpensive enough to suffer ice cubes for poolside quaffing.
The blend of Vinhao, Padeiro, and Espadeiro, all reds, shows bright strawberries, raspberries, and cream. It sounds like dessert, but it’s totally dry. Drink while making dinner or sweating in the sun.

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