Hobo Wine Co. The Way Back Cabernet Sauvignon Mendocino 2017

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The Way Back is a collaboration between Tim and Jenn Wanner (Colorado Wine peeps) and Kenny and Lynn Likitprakong (Hobo Wine Co., etc.) The project came to light over several family surf trips. No one has any real skills beyond making and selling wine, but we all wanted to do something together so came the The Way Back.

The goal is to produce real wine at an everyday price point that doesn’t break any budget. Our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard is from a certified sustainable family vineyard in Clarks- burg. The winemaking is straight-forward; All native yeast fermentation, aging in neutral French oak, and bottling with a simple package.

Where does the name come from? We were all on a trip together, dragging car seats around and we were reminiscing about being little kids ourselves and our parents had big station wagons and all of us kids would fight to see who got to sit in “the way back,” the third row of rear facing seats in a big 70s station wagon. There weren’t any car seats back then. We would just bounce around in the way back.


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