Wine Chips 3.25oz

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These chips pair beautifully with a wide variety of Wines, from medium-bodied reds to off-dry whites!

(1) Asiago is an incredibly flavorful, cheesy Wine Chip, and the feedback from its Private Reserve release was amazing!

(2) Blue’s bigness shines with the balanced strength & sweetness of Sauvignon Blanc, Port, Chardonnay or any sweet wine that suits your fancy!

(3) Pink, sexy and delicious, our Manchego Wine Chips taste of rich, sheep's milk cheese with hints of wild strawberries, watermelon with citrus and floral notes that pairs perfectly with a Rose, Bubbly, Champagne and nearly any white wine.

(4) Smoked Gouda’s smoky, sweet saltiness are a perfect match for the wine lover in all of us - they pair well with a Cabernet Sauvignon and nearly all red wine.

(5) Serrano Cheddar combine the delicious tang of Vermont Cheddar with the spiciness of Serrano chilis.

Made with real cheese § Gluten free

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